The smallest brewery in the world, ‘Hansandoga’

 ‘Hansandoga’ is the smallest brewery in the world that dreams of reviving homemade alcohol made with beautiful mountains and water in Korea.
 We bring back the legacy of traditional drinks that was cut off from one side of small beach in Tongyeong to one side of big beach in Busan and continue the legacy again.

People say good alcohol is like a good story and want to share it.

The drinks of Hansandoga that express the mind of sharing small happiness coming from alcohol will be with you.

Thank you.

‘Hansandoga, a small brewery dreaming of reviving homemade drinks’

Brewing standards of Hansandoga

1. All materials will be 100% raw material from natural sources.
2. We will basically make drinks with locally produced rice, organic rice and well-made Nuruk.
3. As a brewery operated by a social enterprise, we will donate more than 1% of the proceeds to nature and neighbors.
4. We will share only soul-baring alcohol with harmony of human being and microorganisms.
5. We will donate our talent to promote right alcohol consumption through alcohol awareness campaigns.
6. We will brew alcohols with pride in continuing sprit of homemade alcohol.



Rice/organic rice produced in the local community We use 100% domestic products only.


Nuruk (a traditional Korean fermentation starter)

We use various fermentation agents made by craftsmen of Nuruk. Different Nuruk is used depending on the style of alcohol.



We use alkaline water that is soft and smooth for drinking.



We hire local vulnerable residents and brew alcohols with specialists.

600 hours

of Korean drinks experience and alcohol awareness campaign in 2017

We will share our beautiful Korean drinking culture and tradition and continue the alcohol awareness campaign.


use of raw materials from natural sources

We will only produce 100% trustable homemade drinks such as locally produced rice and organic rice, well-fermented traditional Nuruk and natural sweeteners.

Hire 10

vulnerable groups and youth in 2017

We will create jobs through the employment of vulnerable people and young people living in the area, and inherit traditional culture and protect it.

Drinks made by Hansandoga

– Wonju style ‘Busan Hawaii’
– Yogurt drink for adult ‘Gwanganri Lover’
– Busan-like drink ‘Oryukdo’
– Delicious work drink ‘BIFC EXIT 4’
– Tribute drink ‘McCree’
– Dongdongju’ style ‘Heungbu’