Anjung, the place with the spirit of Korean drinks and romance

‘Anjung’, an attractive place to introduce traditional Korean drinking culture and local food that matches with drinks.
You can taste and feel more than 50 kinds of Korean traditional drinks such as Makgeolli, Cheongju, Soju, traditional local drinks and other drinks produced by Hansandoga.

We think It is Anjung’s responsibility to continue to study identify of Juansang and its harmony with Korean drinks, to introduce local food and to keep the fires of the Korean traditional drinks from putting out.

The special taste and style of Anjung.

Natural fermented vinegar made by fermentation expert, Kimdanah.
The vinegar is used for all sources we make.
Drinks of Hansandoga – We use Hansandoga’s drinks for seasoning sea food and meat or putting in food.
You can enjoy delicious and rich flavor with fresh ingredients purchased from the traditional markets or through direct purchase.

Juansang made by a chef who knows drinks is different.

There are many kinds of Korean drinks, and the flavor of rice has subtle differences. Therefore, catching and explaining food that matches each drink is only possible if you have a very delicate and good sense of taste. A chef who knows Korean drinks can understand the balance between drinks and food based on the excellent understanding on drinks, so he/she can offer drinks and food from a professional point of view.

There is a signature menu that you can taste only if you come to Anjung, and you can chefs who introduce drinks and food that suit your taste. Food which is more shining with the drink and the drink which is more tasteful in the glass. We will introduce suitable drinks and food like an excursion guided by an experienced guide.

Opening hours

17:00 ~ 24:00
Closed on Sundays
Reservation: 10:00~24:00
TEL: +82.51.636.9355 F +82.51.636.9355

Yeonyojae’s special Juansang menu
(a table consisting of tasty alcoholic beverage and food)

Awarded gold prize for spirits in National Juansang Contest hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2016

“Solsongju and Samhab with Parboiled Shell and Octopus”

Food representing Busan, “Munhyeon Green Onion Pancake”

Secret food made of Nuruk,
“Nuruk Pancake”

Luxury Yangban food
“Jerky and Seasoned Dried Fish Flakes”

어디에도 없는, 어디에도 있는 ‘주모’

I want to tell the story of ‘Anjung’. There was a woman named ‘Anjung’ who was running a Jumak (In old Korean society, a kind of tavern or inn that served alcoholic beverages and food and also provided lodging to travelers) in the Goryeo Dynasty.
When Taejo Wang Geon founded Goryeo, she was a founding contributor who let Gyeonhwon and his people drink ‘Gosamju’ and won the battle.
Hommage to Anjung, we opened our Korean traditional style pub in Busan to introduce Korean traditional drinks.

Korean traditional ‘Jumak’ culture that blooms in the most unknown market.
A place with only 8 tables
on the 2nd floor in the calm alley,
even no sign and no parking lot. 
Soju loved by Busan people,
A place where there is no ordinary beer,
but filled with Korean traditional drinks only.

Until the day when Korean traditional drinking culture blooms, Anjung will do our best.