made of natural materials and roam around world ‘Nuvi-N’

Nuvi-N means “made of natural materials and roam around world”.
Established in 2009, Nuvi-N, Yeonyojae’s base camp’ was a brand of fermentation workshop, and it finally changed into a tourist souvenir brand.

When I participated in Slow Food Fair in 2010, I asked Indonesian who was buying many Makgeolli soaps, “Why are you buying that soap so much?” The answer was “I am not buying a soap now, but I am buying Korea”. That was very impressive for me.
We will create quality products with the mind that we are selling products representing Korea, Busan and Yeonyojae as a tourism venture company.

Products of Nubi-N

Makgeolli Soap

It is made of Korean ‘Perilla seed oil’ which is excellent in moisturizing and has more abundant Gamma Linolenic acid than Hemp seed oil. We use non-artificial aromatic oils extracted from roots, stems, leaves and petals of natural plants. Artificial coloring is not used. It is an environmentally friendly cleaner without environmental pollution. It contains a good ingredient of Makgeolli.

Note: Because of the nature of natural soap, it may become mushy. Please use it in a dry place.


The patented packed vinegar is made of various fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, special product of Busan.
It can be used as a source for cooking and vinegar drinks, so its application range is wide.

Bar snacks

Bar snacks that match with drinks are being prepared.
It is made up of Korean traditional style snacks such as jerky, Seasoned Dried Fish Flakes, Vegetable and Seaweed Chips and simple bar snacks.

Nuruk Salt

 It is an all-purpose seasoning made of fermentation agent used for brewing.
It is low-salinity and rich in flavor, and can be used as a seasoning. It is also good for patients and people pursuing well-being who want to eat lightly.